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I’ve thought about starting a blog for oh, about four or six times now.  And each one has been a brilliant idea.  Trust me on this.  Something or other wonderful about communications or writing or running or children’s books.  But I haven’t.

As I embark out onto this adventure I think, so why is that?  And why start blogging now?

I think the main reason why I haven’t taken the time is because of my husband and three children.  (They’re easy to blame and don’t have the password.)  Ten years ago, I started out on the adventure that is marriage, and eight years ago on the journey of bringing up three children.  I love them all and I always felt that they need to come first.  But as my children get older, I find that they need me less and I have a few more minutes at the end of each day.  I would like to do something useful with them – other than another load of laundry.

I’ve also always thought blogging was a bit self-indulgent.  No offense to all existing bloggers out there – I avidly follow quite a few.  Many of them are fantastic, passionate and well-written.  They fill my head with ideas and generate conversations I would never have thought of. But writing by myself, for myself, always seemed a bit selfish.  And who would want to read that anyway?  What do I have to say that would add to the conversation of the existing voices?  I don’t have a cause or a business to promote.  I’m not an artist or guru.  I’d probably be labelled another “mommy blogger” (a name that I understand is both beloved and dreaded) no matter what I write.

So why now?

I’m at a bit of a cross roads both in terms of family and career.  I like my work as a communications professional well enough.  My family is a blessing. And yet, as the song says I can’t help thinking “Is that all there is?”

I have always found a great deal of comfort in journaling at various times in my life.  Not that I can read my hand writing from angst written about a long time ago.  But as L.M. Montgomery wrote in Emily Climbs (paraphrasing here a bit), nothing is as grand or as terrible once it is written down.  If I am sharing it with others we all may benefit from creating a conversation. And it might also keep me honest if I know others are looking on.

What I am hoping is that by writing down stuff about family, community, communications, and occasional random thoughts and madness (I promise I will let you know if what I am writing is complete fiction) I will have an outlet for creativity that needs to be exercised out in the yard once in a while.  I’m hoping it will be good for the soul.

So, there it is – blogging as a means of dealing with a mid-life crisis. You’ve been warned.

Feel free to listen in.




Written by pennyinacastle

November 11, 2012 at 2:43 am

Posted in Random thoughts

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