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Santa’s Letter

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Note:  This is the letter left to the kids this morning by Santa.  I thought I would share it with you.  I leave it up to you if you want to believe in him or not.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

From the Desk of Santa Claus: If you’re good, we deliver

December 25, 2012

1 Santa Claus Lane

North Pole, Arctic

Dear Diva and Stuntboy and Spanky:

Well, bust my buttons, I can’t believe how big the three of you are becoming!  I almost didn’t recognize you sleeping in your beds.  If my brother Sinter Klaas, and my good friend Trudy the Tooth Fairy hadn’t seen you recently (and of course the Elves have been keeping an eye out too) and told me how much you had grown, I might not have recognized you!

I can see by my list that you are still on my “good” list. Spanky, it was a near thing for you Christmas Eve evening –  my elves tell me that you need to quit hitting and biting quite a bit.  I will be keeping an eye out for next year.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful pictures of me!  My Elves tell me that you were drawing them in Church.  I’m so glad that you went to Church on Christmas Eve – celebrating Jesus’ birthday is really what today is all about.   The Missus, Elves and I always go to Church on Christmas and Sunday mornings too, to give thanks and celebrate God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the best gift of all, and He loves all of us.  You should always remember that.

I do love the pictures, they are so much fun – and they look so much like ME. I wanted to bring them with me, but there isn’t much room on my sled – I still have a lot of gifts to deliver and not much flying sparkle dust left for the reindeer.  Eating cookies along the way makes it worse, so  paradoxically, the sleigh gets heavier as we go.  Instead, I took some pictures with my phone to download and take back to show the Missus and the elves.

While I was here I left a few things for you that I think you might like.

Diva, I hear you LOVE to READ.  I have heard from my elves that you read everything your eye touches.  A love of reading is so important – I hope you keep it up and I hope your brothers learn to love it too. To help you along I’ve left a few reading items I hope you will enjoy (and I hope you will read this letter a few times too).

Stuntboy, I know you have been asking for a pet dragon – I have to say, I LOVE DRAGONS.  We keep a few around the North Pole to keep the work shop and stables warm for the elves and reindeer.  Much cleaner than nuclear, and much more efficient than oil heating.  But they do require a lot of care and feeding (you wouldn’t believe how much tundra they eat!). When they are bored, they like to blow off a little steam – and a few fire balls. I didn’t think that your parents would want to have that out in the back yard. So I came up with a few different dragon options.

Spanky, I’ve heard you singing about me and my reindeer quite a bit lately.  Jingle Bells also seems to be a favourite. I LOVE to hear songs about me and you have a wonderful voice.  But maybe you should not sing quite so loudly at nap time – your parents need the extra sleep.   I’ve also heard that you really like Thomas the Tank Engine, so I’ve brought you a gift I think all your trains are going to enjoy.

I want to thank you so much for thinking of me and my reindeer and leaving out a snack for us all.  Cheese and crackers with milk are a nice change (Mrs. Claus said I need to watch my sugar these days).  The reindeer always love carrots as a treat – and it gives them some good sustenance to finish their journey across Canada and back to the North Pole.  I’m so glad that you have continued with the tradition of hanging the carrot on the hook – Donder and Blitzen had a hoot jumping for it (could you hear them banging around while you slept? They were super loud and I thought for sure they would wake you up).

Well, it’s been delightful visiting you. Must fly so I can get back to the Missus (she worries about me if it starts getting past mid-night Vancouver time and I’m not back home).

Remember, it’s important not just to be good today, but to be good every day.


S. Claus

Elf and Toy Builder in Chief


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December 26, 2012 at 4:35 am

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