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A Mother’s Day letter

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In honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day, a letter to the moms who have given me life and inspire me:

To my great grandmothers – who left all they knew and travelled across the ocean by themselves with numerous children, worked on farms during the week, and in the general store on the weekend, who lived to be a good old age, and gave’em hell for every single one of them. I never forget you.

To my grandmothers – One who, kissed her husband goodbye when he went off to war. When Avro went under, put on her best suit, heels and white gloves, and went to find herself a job so she could put food on the table for her four girls. You never stopped working but you were always a perfect lady. And to the other who took a chance and a ride on a motorcycle with her future husband.  Who turned cartwheels until she was eighty, and put Bailys in a 13 year old’s cup of coffee when she wasn’t looking. Who remained a little girl her entire life.  I miss you both.

To my aunts – One who took care of over a hundred foster children, one who took care of her paraplegic son after a terrible car accident, one who takes care of her special needs child to this day despite her own chronic health problems, one who is fighting the justice system because it turned its back on her son, and one who helps everyone without question or judgement – and would give you the shirt off her back if you asked.  I have learned from each of you.  I love you all.

To my mother-in-law – who lived through war, moved to a far off land, raised four children in several countries, nursed the sick and provided ministry to many. Like your name, you continue to have grace and give graciously to all around you.  You have taught me a lot.

To my mom – Who worked all her life yet raised three kids. You have given your time to represent in the union, to volunteer for numerous causes.  Somehow you always find time for your friends and family and have a social schedule that puts mine to shame.  You have given so  much  to your grandkids.  You – despite numerous set-backs and obstacles that would have sent me to bed for the day – are one of the toughest ladies I know, yet you still face it all with a sense of humour, hope and courage. I have grown up, but I still need you often.  I love you.


To my children: Remember where you come from.  Life won’t always be perfect – but you can make the choice to make it better. You inspire me to learn and be creative – to see the world through new eyes. I love you.


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May 9, 2013 at 1:58 am

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