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A bucket full of summer

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The summer solstice is this week.  And I have big plans this summer.  Well, actually a lot of small little goals I’d like to accomplish.  The idea is to jam as much sunshine as possible into the next three or four months.  Living in a northern country, I want to really appreciate all that outdoor time sans snow suit.

I’d like to thank a friend who started her summer bucket list last year and told me about it – and even invited our family along for the ride.  Since then I’ve seen quite a few similar lists full of great ideas.

So this year, I’m planning my own bucket full of summer (extra points if going by foot or bicycle is involved!):

–  On the summer solstice, wake up with the sun and let the kids stay up to watch it go down.

–  Pay a visit a local park we have never been to before. 

–  Dress up in costume before heading over to our local park.

–  Go to a splash pad or wading pool we have never been to before.

–  Swim at a beach that we have not been at before.

–  Look into a museum we have never been to before.

–  Stop at one library we have not been to yet (I know, kind of weird, but we LOVE to read).

–  Read a book from a different genre than I usually do.

–  Explore a conservation area or national or provincial park.

–  Sleep in a tent in the back yard. And if brave enough in a park.

–  Take a bus down town with all the kids in tow.

–  Travel to a small town or village we have not been to before.

–  Head out to a farm. Or at least a farmers’ market.

–  Gather berries.  Make some jam.

–  Make some real lemonade.  Like from actual lemons.

–  Have a lemonade stand.

–  Pick some flowers. Then plant a few more.

–  Eat an ice cream cone from a local business. Then one from an ice cream truck. And then one from Dairy Queen. (Extra points if we make some ice cream).

–  Make a fort. And visit a real military fort.

–  Go on an extra-long bike ride. Or participate in a bike parade.

–  See a summer block buster. Then watch a cartoon at the cinema with the kids. (Extra points if go to a local outdoor cinema or we manage to find a drive-in).

–  Take in a play at an outdoor theatre or theatre in the park.

–  Visit at least one summer festival or outdoor concert.

–  Explore a medieval fair.  Or outdoor craft fair. 

–  Make a fairy house.

–  Create an inuksuk by the riverside.

–  Build a sand castle.

–  Play a board game on the porch while it is raining.  Extra points if we make up our own game.

–  Run in the rain.

–  Pick one summer activity from Pinterest. And actually do it. Photograph and post the results.

–  Create one craft using items from nature.

–  Make a wind chime out of utensils.

–  Build a bird feeder.

–  Go fishing – then let all the fish go.

–  Ride on an amusement park ride.

–  Stop at a tourist trap.

–  Have a water fight.

–  Run in one organized race.

–  Go see some stock car races (I received a coupon for this – I think the kids would love it).

–  Have a picnic (extra points if it happens once a week).

–  Have a bonfire.

–  Cook spider hot dogs. Toast some marshmallows.

–  Write a ghost story. Then tell it.

–  Stay up extra late to look at the stars.   (Extra points if we stay up to look at the Leonid meteor shower).

Clearly this is a long list. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the dreaming. We may not do it all, but we will have fun trying! I’m also hoping to use it as an excuse to do something when I hear the familiar call of the child “I’m borreeeeddddd!”

I hope to blog about our progress.  Stay tuned!


Written by pennyinacastle

June 18, 2013 at 1:54 pm

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  1. Love this! Great ideas, I especially love the idea of getting dressed up to go to the park. My girls have gone grocery shipping in costume before, it makes everyone smile. So it tonight that you’re staying up late? Or tomorrow?


    June 20, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    • Thanks very much! I love it when I see kids come dressed up to the park – it’s like a bit of magic dust gets spread a bit further around.

      I’m planning to get up early tomorrow and have the kids stay up late tomorrow (Friday). Hoping the weather cooperates.

      My summer bucket – mentor has suggested going to the beach and I’m hoping to join her.

      Happy solstice!


      June 20, 2013 at 5:54 pm

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