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Dime Store Girl

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She bats Target lashes

Flashes a Walmart smile

You can see small town

In her style from a mile

She snaps her gum

And snaps her fingers

To an inner pop song

Drug store perfume lingers


Cover Girl face

Dreams as big as the sky

One day she’ll make it

Cross her heart and hope to die

Look beyond the bottle blonde

See that sparkle in her eye.


But she gets older

Her prince doesn’t come

She settles for Clairol

And her high school chum

She’s counting groceries

At the local store

Now three mouths to feed

She was hoping for more.


Cover Girl face

Her dreams in the sky

Is she gonna make it?

Cross her heart, she doesn’t die

But she’s just a bottle blonde

You can see it in her eye.


Her looks are faded now

Still she loves the glitter more

She gets her fill

From the corner dime store

Cigarettes in her purse

Rhine stones on her glasses

Misses a young world

As the old one passes.


Cover Girl face

She’ll never reach the sky

She just can’t take it

Cross her heart, she’s going to die

She’s just a bottle blonde

Can you look her in her eye?


Written by pennyinacastle

September 13, 2013 at 2:49 am

Posted in Poems

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