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Box of Crayons

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What, what?

What’s that?

What are you wearing?


Mom says:

“You’re not going out like that.”


I’m a box of crayons

Sixty-four colours in my closet

Going to pick out a good one

My wardrobe’s looking awesome


I’ve got on a red shirt

A blue sweater

A green skirt

Purple and yellow socks

Crayola’s got nothing on me.

What with all this neon

I can hardly see.


My friends say my clothes don’t match

Who cares if my clothes don’t match?

No really, who wants clothes to matchy match?

Just watch me twirl

And see the colours swirl.


My favourite colour is blue

No maybe it’s yellow

Today it’s red, hello (hello)

Orange is where we’re going to.


I going to wear some plaid

Polka dots on my pocket

Zebra tripes on my pants

These patterns are crazy awesome.


My life is a work of art

My life is where it starts

Fashion is in the eye of the beholder

To your brand I won’t be sold sir

I’d really rather be me

Than what’s in the ad you see.


I look like a rainbow (hello, hello)

I am like a rainbow (hello, hello)

I feel like a rainbow (hello, hello)

I am a box of crayons.


I’m wearing David’s coat

My dreams are incredible

You wish you had this coat

My father gave me on the road.


I’m a box of crayons

Sixty-four colours in my closet

Going to pick out a good one

This picture’s looking awesome


Nota:  I take no credit for the inspiration behind the above rhymes.

Recently we were at a friends house and they showed the folks visiting Macklemore’s Thriftshop video.  I thought it was catchy but couldn’t really hear it.  Later, I had another look on-line and realized it was completely inappropriate for children (which is why I am choosing not to link directly to it).  I thought it kind of too bad because it’s got a hook and I love shopping at thrift shops.  I wished there was a version of the song the kids could hear.

The next morning, my daughter dressed in a variety of mismatched clothes.  My husband said “You had to go for the full box of crayons today?”  My daughter started to sing “I’m a box of crayons! I’m a box of crayons!”

What happened next is…what’s written above.  Thanks to music, Macklemore, my husband and daughter.



Written by pennyinacastle

October 3, 2013 at 2:45 am

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