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Trudy the Tooth Fairy

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Trudy the Tooth Fairy often visits our house.  Just recently my son lost two of his teeth, and she sent this missive along with her offering.  Whether or not you believe the tooth fairy is a work of fiction is up to you.  In our house, she is very, very real – and you don’t want to mess with a unionized fairy.


From the Desk of

Trudy the Tooth Fairy

Local: 234TOOTHE

“The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.”

December 2, 2013


32 Ivory Lane

Tooth Town, Antarctic

Dear Stuntboy:

You have had quite the busy toothy weekend I see!  It’s not often I get two such fabulous specimens coming out in such a short time frame.  Congratulations by the way on losing both tooth number one and two – I can see that you must be taking excellent care of them since they have come out AFTER your seventh birthday (I’ve talked to a few of my colleagues and this is unheard of in my local!)  I will let Santa know that all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth (ha, ha!)  Keep up the good work – take extra special care now that those permanent ones will be coming in. You will have them for the rest of you life.

Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for me to come.  You see, I knew you were feeling under the weather.  Speaking of which, the weather has been just hideous between Hamilton and the Antarctic recently.  The jet streams just haven’t been the same what with all the global warming and all.  Also, based on my GTWS (Global Tooth Warning System) I was pretty sure that the second tooth was going to come out very soon after the first (it is rarely wrong).  Why make two trips when one is much more efficient?  We really are about efficiency here in Tooth Town.

Now, the root of the question is – who to give these two awesome toothy bits of goodness to?  Your cousins are currently cutting a couple of chompers so I think it may be a little too late for them.  But, as you know, a teether is born every minute. It won’t take me long to find a baby with just the right gums  – you can trust me.  These are in good hands and will soon be in good mouths.

Well, I must fly. Ta-ta for now and remember, take care of those teeth!

Yours and that’s the tooth,



Written by pennyinacastle

December 3, 2013 at 3:39 am

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