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Time is relative

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Today was a challenging day. Things did not go as planned.  I failed on a number of fronts.  I lost control of a few things.  There were some things I simply had to watch unfold. 

Some days are like that.

So, I went for a walk – because when you can’t do anything about something you might as well go out and get some perspective.

I went out onto the side walk, down behind my building.  A river runs there, deep and wide.  The snow beside it was so deep that it spilled over into my boots.  So I walked in other people’s footsteps until I reached a path.

I stood by the river.  I looked at all the snow surrounding me and the ice flowing through the grey water.  I thought about how much water was rolling and pouring by me every day – always changing yet unchanging.  I felt the earth and the rock beneath the snow.  The coldness of the wind blowing.

I thought about how things would be changing in a few short weeks when the long winter would be over and spring would come. How the snow would disappear. The grass would grow.  The trees would put out leaves.

I would just need to wait.

Wait for the day to be over. Winter to be done. Some things to pass. And new things to come.

Waiting is hard and I’m not very good at it.

Then, as I looked at the river, I remembered how short that time would be to wait.  In the relative scheme of a day, a year, my life time, of geological time when the great river had started to flow and the rock was formed. 

It made the problems of an uncontrollable, unstoppable day seem tiny.

All I need is time and to wait – and it will all change.

I picked up a pine cone close to where I was standing. I considered its Fibonacci spiral pattern – preordained and yet with its own shape and size.  It was also small and already lived to serve its purpose.  Yet it was still a thing of beauty within a world of wonder.

I bought it back to the office to remind me that my time is relative to all the great and small things around me. And that sometimes, I just need to wait and see what will happen next.  It is only a matter of time.


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March 11, 2014 at 10:23 am

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