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It takes four days to get to the moon
And four days to get back to the earth again.
Between the two. In space.

A baby shark is called a pup.
And it will lose 35 thousand teeth.
In its lifetime. At sea.

A pill bug is not a bug.
It’s actually a crustacean.
With many legs. And gills.

The universe is flat.
Forty-six billion light years across.
The world isn’t. That’s that.

It is impossible for nothing to be somewhere.
But it is possible to be something everywhere.
With some thought. And effort.

The human brain weighs
Three and a bit pounds.
But it’s space. Is immeasurable.

Yet, our lives are measured
By the facts we know.
And those we don’t. Are unseen.

Children grow up too fast.
And life is too short.
To really measure. In fact.


Several children inspired this.  My son was doing a puzzle and singing facts about the moon to himself.  A friend of mine has been posting about her daughters pet pill bug and her’s son’s daily sayings.  I love what kid’s have to say – and all too soon I find they stop confiding in their secret facts and knowledge.  There are so many things to know, so much to learn, and never enough time for it all.  Ask your kids about what they  know – they will love to tell you and you will learn a lot about them, about you and about the world. I know I have.


Written by pennyinacastle

May 3, 2014 at 2:29 am

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