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Summer Bucket Edition 2014

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With the summer solstice upon us – and having risen early to see the sunrise bright and clear on this the longest day of the year – I have been thinking about how to make the best of these lazy, hazy days. This summer may be a bit quieter, and we may spend more time thinking and relaxing.

I loved last year’s list and it is always a great spring board to start. We did quite a few things from it but there are lots we did not get to last year. But maybe this year we can add a few more.

– Go camping.
– Walk a trail.
– Make ice-cream.
– Make a sun dress.
– Build an epic sand castle or sand sculpture.
– Go to a drive in.
– Outdoor cinema in a park or back yard.
– Take in an outdoor concert.
– Explore a medieval fair. Or outdoor craft fair.
– Make a fairy house.
– Learn the names of some flowers.
– See some animals.
– Go ice skating in an arena – to remember that winter feeling – brrrr.
– Pick one summer activity from Pinterest. And actually do it. Photograph and post the results.
– Create a craft using items from nature.
– Make a wind chime out of utensils.
– Build a bird feeder.
– Go fishing – then let all the fish go.
– Go to a country fair.
– Write a ghost story. Then tell it.
– Stargazing.

Whatever we wind up doing, one thing I don’t want to do is drive the car. I’m going to put an effort into making this the summer of the bicycle.



Written by pennyinacastle

June 21, 2014 at 10:07 am

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