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This marriage goes to 11

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My husband and I recently celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary.  We did the most special thing I could think of – we spent it with my parents who had just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary and my parent-in-laws who are close to celebrating their 50th.  Along with my kids.  I felt really very blessed to have all the important people in our lives all together at the same time.  It was also great having living examples of people who have worked hard all those years to still have wonderful marriages.

I say worked hard, because it is hard work to stay married.  I knew that before I was married.  I decided to get married when I was a bit older, and at the time I was more realistic about what I was in for.  But looking back over 11 years, I have an even better perspective to see all the fantastic times…and all the times when, well, it wasn’t so great. 

This year though, I saw a picture that defined our relationship very well.

After the wedding ceremony, we canoed over from the house we were renting to the hall we were holding our reception in.  We had decided to do this because my husband and I had already spent quite a bit of time hiking and canoeing together.  We try to be outdoor people when we can.

A good friend of ours decorated the canoe with flowers, balloons, and streamers.  It wasn’t a long distance, but it was a bit windy and wavy.  There were a few storm clouds on the horizon.  As we started to pull into the beach a small knot of ladies of some kind of middle-Eastern descent, dressed entirely in black saw us and began to make an ululating sound.   A friend snapped a picture of us as we were about to beach the canoe, where a crowd of people were waiting.  In the picture we are both paddling, smiling.

Our lives and relationship have been like that for the last 11 years.  Both of us paddling in the same direction towards a destination – not trying to steer the opposite way. Both of us trying to navigate sometimes sketchy, stormy waters.  Both of us trying to keep from falling, tumbling out of the canoe and our relationship into the murky water.   Both of us finding surprises along the way.  Both of us smiling on the journey.  And we have a group of family and friends there to support us when things go a bit rocky – to keep us on track.

I won’t say it has been easy, or that it will always be easy. There may always be storm clouds on the horizon. There are times when I’d like to change direction completely.  But I can’t think of a better person to help me paddle my canoe and keep it steady, than my husband.


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June 30, 2014 at 2:45 am

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