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Christmas Dresses

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Today I open the second door in my advent calendar and find…Christmas dresses.

Each year, since my daughter was a baby, my mother and my aunt have gone out and bought my daughter a lovely princess dress for Christmas. Usually they involve silky material, or taffeta. Tulle is often a key component. And sparkles.  Loads and loads of them that twinkle under the candle light of a Christmas Eve service.

Last year, my aunt and my mom took my daughter out on the town so that she could choose her own dress.  She came home with two.  And I was regaled with funny stories about what my daughter ate, how she acted and what she said to my mother and my aunt. It carried us a long way through a bitter winter.

This year, my mother is not here to help us in our annual tradition.  But my wonderful aunt – our fairy godmother – took my daughter and I out on the town. After a delicious dinner, we took to the stores. And my daughter tried on dress, after dress, after dress. It was a kind of magic.  In the end, she chose a lovely red dress, red as holly berries, with black velvet accents and silvery glitter.  And a soft furry shrug to go with it.  And for another year, my daughter will look like the princess in a book, a picture for me to save in my memory.


Written by pennyinacastle

December 3, 2014 at 3:54 am

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