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The advent calendar

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Yesterday we opened the first door in our advent calendar.  Over the years I have had many advent calendars.  I remember the first one I received – when I was not much older than my youngest son is now. It was a picture of a Christmas tree and each little door opened to reveal a different ornament inside. I hung it on the door of my bed room and opened it up day by day. It was hard to wait – to not open up all the days. Or to cheat and try to see through the paper in the back.

Over the years we’ve tried paper calendars and chocolate calendars. I’ve never had the energy to create one of the clever, crafty re-usable ones I’ve seen on Pinterest. I’ve never bought a Lego or Playmobile calendar – they always seemed a bit over the top and, what’s the point of getting to Christmas if you get a little toy every day?  And I have difficulties enough negotiating through the arguments of who gets to open the little door every day.

This year, my daughter picked out our calendar at a little local paper store owned by a good friend.  It’s a winter scene of a village and skaters on the lake.  Each day will open up a new part of the scene. And of course, it’s covered in sparkles.

This year is going to be a difficult Christmas, one that I’m having trouble looking forward to. And so, I was thinking of writing a very little something every day during advent – a little written door to describe something worth waiting for, something to be thankful for, something that eventually uncovers what’s hidden and maybe gives a better vision of the season.  A tiny gift for each day.


Written by pennyinacastle

December 3, 2014 at 3:41 am

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