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Today I opened the seventh door in my advent calendar and found…glass.

I love many things about the church where I go to now.  But among them are the beautiful stained glass windows that we are blessed to have.  On the one side is a depiction of the Nativity and a couple of Jesus. On the other is Ruth and the Good Samaritan. At the front is a picture of the Ascension.

On a sunny morning, like this morning, the church is filled with coloured light, shining through the glass.  It touches upon my children’s heads as they sit colouring in the “children’s area” at the front of the church.

This morning as I listened to the sermon, I thought about the Good Samaritan and the traveller on the road. He helped others without asking for anything in return.  It connected with what our minister said about making a path straight during the coming season.  He also spoke about letting go of our burdens and that this is part repenting.  He talked about the Israelites in Babylon who had been there for seventy years and were growing restless in their exile.  Instead, of promising release, the prophet told them about how the physical world is finite. We are like grass, that this too shall pass. This very moment may seem difficult, but it will not last. That is news that hard to hear but it is the truth and in the end, it is a good thing. We should let go of the things that worry us, the things that hold us back.

I have often thought of similar things.  I may be facing challenges, but only for a short time.  I may be worried about the stuff I carry with me, but it will not last. What do I cling to that doesn’t help me, but only holds me back, only makes my life more difficult? But as I listened, I also thought about the traveller in the Good Samaritan and the traveller who gives without being asked.

As the advent season continues and we try to make our paths straight, what is it that I load I carry with me that I can let go of to make my burden lighter? How can I help others to lighten their burden too?


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December 8, 2014 at 3:38 am

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