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Today I opened the sixteenth door in my advent calendar and found…Christmas cards.

Each year, I have grand intentions of sending out Christmas cards.  I often even go so far as to buy the cards.  But then, what with one thing or another, they don’t get written. They don’t get sent out.  I think “I’ll send them out in the New Years!  They will be IRONIC Christmas cards! Look at me – I vow to be more organized as a New Year’s resolution!”  But even that doesn’t happen.  Usually it hits June, I’m cleaning off my desk and I find them. They wind up back in the bin with the other bags and wrapping paper that gets pulled out for various occasions.

There was one year, the first after my daughter was born, that I was determined to get them out.  I was a mother who could do it all dammit and be reckoned with.  I not only wrote a Christmas newsletter, but put pictures of my daughter in each one (I even used a FILM camera to take the picture) AND a hand written note.  By Christmas I was exhausted.  In the end,  I’m not even sure why I did it – it just seemed like the thing you were supposed to do.

I will say though, that despite all the non-effort into sending out cards, I do love to receive them. We usually put them up on a ribbon and hang them across the window (my sister-in-law who lives out East inspired me to do that).  They provide a very pretty, glittery decoration.  After Christmas, I put some aside to keep in pristine condition (maybe forever). The others I put away for recycling either as crafts or tags for next year.  I have noticed though, if you don’t send a card, you are increasingly less likely to get one back. Which only seems fair.

This year though, I will send out a few cards – some with pictures of the kids in them, some without (you will know who you are when you get your card).  I even had help from my husband this year who offered to write the ones for his family – for which I am eternally grateful. Not that I mind writing to them, my hand just cramps up after a while of trying to hold a pen (rather than typing on a keyboard).

I have even written enough cards that I just might have to go out to buy a few more from my friends that owns a card store.  And keep the postal service going a little while longer.


Written by pennyinacastle

December 18, 2014 at 4:03 am

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