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Christmas Clean Up

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At our house, Christmas hits like an explosion.

There’s the slow fuse during the advent season.  Snowflakes get made and put on the window. Decorations get put up. Christmas cards are hung on a string. The tree goes up. Gifts start to drift in…

Then BAM – it’s Christmas morning. Santa has clearly dropped off a considerable portion of his sled at our house.  More gifts come in from nearby and far flung relatives.  Fancy paper is torn into little pieces of confetti and scattered across the room.  Later in the day it’s Christmas dinner.  Happy people come to the door. They likely bring even more presents for already overly-gifted children. I’m grateful because they bring extra wine and cookies.  More tables, chairs, plates, glasses, napkins, cutlery (and poke-lery)  get added to the growing confusion.  Soon there simply isn’t enough room to move and I really can’t see anything – our house is so full of people and food and light and gifts and decorations and stuff.

Then the day is over.  And it’s Boxing Day.  In theory, this is the day when you start to clear up from the explosion.  You start to tally up the extent of the gift wrap shrapnel.  You look to see if any family members are left standing after all the meltdowns.  You try to struggle out of your jammies and live a normal day – but it’s too much effort so you eat left-over turkey.  You let the kids open all of their Lego boxes at the same time so that you can have a coffee and collect your wits. Damn the toy torpedoes.

And so today was the beginning of Great Christmas Clean Up of 2014.  And somehow this year, it has seemed a little more epic than in previous years.  It could just be that I let things get a wee bit (okay, a whole lot bit) out of control even before Christmas started.  It could be that I kind of ignored doing some clean up Boxing Day that really should have been done.  It could be that I just didn’t have the energy to fight battles with the children I normally do (“You want to open up another box of Lego? Okay, go ahead.” “You want to eat your entire chocolate letter?  Fill your boots.”  “You want to start that craft and finish it in record time?  Great idea!” “You want to eat the roof of the gingerbread house? Yes indeed. Hey, when it’s gone, it’s gone.”)

This year, there also seems to be a lot more emotional baggage than usually that needs to be packed away with the boxes.  I’m really not sure where I’m going to put it all. (Some of it may never be put away – I’m okay with that).

Despite all that need to clean though, we still took a few minutes to go skating today.  It felt good to take the kids out into the fresh air.  As we glided on the ice, day turned to night, the Christmas lights came on to light our way.    It gave a much needed up-lift and a chance to continue to clear out a few of the Christmas cob webs. Tomorrow is another new day to clean.  It’s given me that little extra push towards the New Year.


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December 28, 2014 at 2:01 am

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