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March Mudness

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Winter is slow to give up its grip
On the snow drifted school yard
When the rains come
For thirty-one days and thirty one nights
The glaciers recede
From the play structure
And the soccer field
Until it is one giant puddle
Three inches of mud
A sticky brown maw
Suitable for drowning ancient dinosaurs
If there were any left
But the muck will settle
For sucking on the feet
Of hapless primary kids
Stealing their boots
With a pucker and a pop!
Leaving their socks ankle-deep
In the slippery ooze
By end of day, all come home
Covered, coated
Sopping, soaked
Dripping, drenched
Mucky, mired
Parents sigh, tired
Of seeing their grubby golem children
Return home after a day of dancing
In the watery filth.
Another night of laundry for mom
In the month of March Mudness


Written by pennyinacastle

March 23, 2015 at 1:38 am

Posted in Poems

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