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My daughter is growing up.

The evidence is in the increased amount of home work, number of play dates and quantity of eye rolls.

This weekend, for the first time, she is off with her youth group to ponder the small mysteries of the universe. And probably watch a movie.  Somehow it seems different from her short disappearances for visits with friends or her longer one last year for “away” camp.

You can always feel the difference in the atmosphere of the house when she is gone.  An almost physical presence created by an absence. While the house often feels over full and boisterous, with her gone it seems subdued. Lacking in a certain glitter and giggling girlishness.  Even her brothers seemed to notice the disturbance in the orbit of planet boy – seeking to play alone in their own world without the usual negotiations and treaties created by their sister. They were quiet and went to bed early.

It’s good training wheels for us as parents – these moments of a child trying their wings out.  It helps us to be as ready as we can ever be for that eventual flight from the nest.  For the inevitable quiet to come.  And to remind us that these childhood days are shorter, more fleeting than we realize, to appreciate what we have while we have it.  To help us through the eye rolls with the thought that one day, we will wish you were here.


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June 21, 2015 at 2:30 am

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