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Napkin poem

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I wrote a poem on the back of a napkin
I’m sure it was a good one
Full of meaning and metaphor
I would have given it to you
To keep
Between me and you

It came to me
Stealing in on feathered wings
As I sat wrestling the children
Through a meal at the restaurant
Between eating a sandwich and a salad
While the children demolished
Hot dogs and fries
Ketchup smeared evilly
Across their cherubic faces

It came to me
And I scribbled it quickly
Before it could be lost
Between the coffee and the ice cream
With a pen wheedled from the kind waiter
Who showed his tattooed wrist
As he handed it over
Who probably thought I was writing
A mom’s grocery list

When it came to me
I should have slipped it in my purse
Between the lipstick and the wallet
With its small secret world
Alive in blue ink
For safe keeping
For later

But when it came time to leave
Between paying the bill and herding surly children
The napkin was crumpled
Used to wipe a mouth
Crushed with the paper placemats
And the children’s menus
My poem was lost

Between you and I
I would write it again if I could
And give it to you
To keep
But things are never the same
Echoed a second time around


Written by pennyinacastle

September 4, 2015 at 2:27 am

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