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The Gate

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Today, while I was walking to work, I took the path that runs down by the river and through the green belt. I haven’t taken this path for the last few weeks – I’ve been too disorganized to get out the door quickly enough.

This morning I noted that most of the leaves on the trees were gone. The dregs of a hurricane that blew through a few days ago had seen to that.  I find everything looks a little more desolate, a little greyer, a little smudgy when November comes.

Today though, I saw something that the leaves had kept hidden for who knows how long.  Beside the path there is a little forest of sumac and buckthorn.  Off the paved path, I saw a worn mud track through the bushes and trees. At the head of the trail was what looked like a skull, mounted on top of a tree trunk. Someone had stuck feathers and leaves in it – giving it a ghoulish look.  I stepped a little off the path to have a closer look and realized that what I thought was bone was actually oddly shaped bit of drift wood shaped a bit like a face.

There were several other similar sinister woody faces peering at me, as well as other bits and bobs of metal and odd things wedged to the surrounding trees.

Further in the distance I could see the dark shadow of a lean-to shelter someone had built. I didn’t move any closer to investigate and instead turned quickly and walked away.

But it does make me wonder who has built this odd little witch’s home in the woods so near my house.  Teenagers with nothing better to do? Someone living near the gate between this world and the next?

I’m not sure, but I think I will tread carefully when I walk through the green alone during this dark month of November.wooden skull


Written by pennyinacastle

November 1, 2015 at 3:08 am

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