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This year, my youngest entered the wonderful world of homework.

And so, our entire family began an epic journey together. Where it will end, I do not know. But if all of us survive, it will be by some miracle.

My daughter, began her passage some six years ago.  The teacher provided ten minutes of homework, as per the curriculum set about by the province. What the government did not account for was the near 60 minutes of tears, crying, cajoling, and bribery that might be involved before sitting down to do said 10 minutes of homework.  Now that my daughter is in grade five, mysteriously she has no homework and an impeccable report card.  Yet still she delights in interrupting helping her brothers’ with theirs.

My middle son began his homework career five years ago. While he seemed eager to do his homework he finished it in a suspicious amount of time.  Upon checking of said “homework” (phrase used lightly so as to imply that homework resembled something tossed off on a napkin at dinner time) usually involved judicious use of erasers and “do-overs.”

My youngest son has just entered the fabulous land of homework.  He follows more within the footsteps of his intrepid sister – and so each evening is destined to be punctuated of an extended length of time of “I can’t do this,” “Woe is me,” And “I think Mrs. ___ gave me too much.” (Which is ridiculous)

And so, as I race between “You can do it – it will take 10 minutes! Just get started! Wait, what? What do you mean you have no instructions?  I can’t read that! Do it again! Yes you have to write out the whole word November” I think of the teacher with 30 of these little darlings in their class.  I have trouble getting through 30 minutes with three of them.
So, if ever one of my children shows up for school without their homework done, dear teacher, you will know it wasn’t without an epic battle from their parents helping them to succeed.


Written by pennyinacastle

November 6, 2015 at 2:37 am

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