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Every once in a while, your life hits a major change – and if feels like sailing over a speed bump. Sometimes in a good way. Some times in a not so good way.

Like that time the kid was born. Or came home after spending time in the NICU because no one could figure out was wrong. Or slept through the night. Or ate solid food. Or went to day care. Or started school. Or graduated from kindergarten. Or had a sleep over. Or skyped with a friend that had moved to South America (and downloaded highly questionable stuff her friend had recommended that s-l-o-w-e-d down your computer to the point where you may have needed to have a discussion about computer-ly transmitted diseases).

The only thing that really is normal is change itself (as they say). And here we are, getting ready for our next big move into a bigger, wider world. The world of CAMP.  And while my kids and I have dipped a big toe into the camp environment, this is the first time that we turning our backs on daycare and are depending on camp to save our summer. After this summer, there is no turning back – for the two older children we will be free of daycare.  But first, we have to get through that long eight week break.

While it is only March in our northern country and there is still snow on the ground, the temperatures are still frigid and there are even thousands of people without power because the grid can’t take any more ice, we are not only dreaming but planning for summer. With a military precision that I am not used to or very good at.  I’ve tried to manage a careful balancing act.  Trying to get my kids into camps that they will hopefully love, that are less than a half hour drive away, and that don’t break a budget that is stretched to try to pay for daycare and camp at the same time (It costs a fortune for good care of any kind. It’s like trying to pay our mortgage five times over).  Registration for some camps opened almost immediately after New Year’s Day. Most of the coveted (Minecraft, Lego) camps have already been filled for several weeks.  There have already been some disappointments. And there will likely be more.

Tonight though, the final puzzle piece fell into place as I signed my son up for the last week of camp needed. We had to wait a bit for some money in the budget – so it may not have been his first choice.  But now, all eight weeks are planned (barring unexpected weirdness like illness or sudden cancellations). There is still snow on the ground, and yet we are battle ready summer.

I’m a little bit worried. It’s a baby step into the next big step of many more steps to come.  Camp. No daycare – free fall into walking home and latch key kids. Junior high. High school. University. Moving out. Moving back in again (unless I down size first).  Tonight though I feel like we have a plan for whatever comes next.  Bring it on.





Written by pennyinacastle

March 26, 2016 at 2:36 am

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