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Calling all Saints

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When I was a little girl, my grandfather wore a Saint Christopher’s medal.  He is the patron saint of travel.  My grandfather did not seem to travel far (other than for vacation), but he did go to war.  Perhaps he wore the medal to protect him while he was over in Europe, hoping it would help return him safely to his wife and unborn child.

My mother frequently called upon St. Anthony and Little Jesus Lost and Found.  Prayers were fervently made while frantically searching for keys, wallets or purses just as we were heading out the door. (If the keys were not found in sufficient amount of time, prayers usually turned to curses of “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”). We had a statue of Jesus on the dashboard, and a key ring rosary just to be extra sure. Decades of Hail Mary’s were said as we drove off on long journeys.

It always seemed a little strange to me that Catholics had these spiritual rituals that seemed closer to calling on fairies and pixies.

This All Saints Day, I wonder what saints  modern day sinners might pray to in order to help them march through the day.  Saint Steve who might help guard the battery on the iPhone long enough to make that last call or email go through and save their career.  Saint Henry, to keep the traffic at bay while on the high way and the car from breaking down.  Saint William who might help the children to sleep, or eat their dinner or at least help keep a parent from going crazy.  Saint Martha who will help mom finish the cupcakes for the umpteenth school bakesale.  Saint Oprah, the patron saint of keeping it all together and then telling you where you put it (or lost it as the case may be).

As I get older and life’s challenges increase from year to year, I think I’m beginning to understand my grandfather and my mother’s need for saints.  I know I can use all the modern spiritual voodoo I can get.


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November 2, 2015 at 2:41 am

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